Equipment Discovery to Redeployment

We specialize in creating an asset management & redeployment program tailored to your specific needs. We are available to step in at any stage of the timeline, offering our services for the purchase, relocation or divestment of your equipment. With our expertise, you can be sure your assets will be managed and redeployed efficiently and effectively.

Why Choose Black Iron Energy?


Industry Expertise

With years of experience in the energy services sector, Black Iron Energy Services has developed a profound understanding of the industry’s complexities and challenges. Our team of seasoned professionals holds relevant certifications and undergoes continuous training to ensure that our clients receive services meeting the highest levels of quality and compliance.


Innovative Solutions

Black Iron Energy Services leverages cutting-edge technology to optimize every step of the equipment management process, ensuring efficiency and accuracy. We develop tailored strategies that address specific client challenges and embrace sustainable practices to promote the reuse and recycling of equipment.


Proven Track Record

We have a robust portfolio of completed projects that demonstrate our capability and reliability, with successful interventions adding significant value for our clients. Our clients consistently provide positive feedback, underscoring our reliability, professionalism, and the tangible benefits of partnering with us.


Decommissioning mature infrastructure unfolds across multiple phases. At Black Iron Energy, we adhere to a proven
process that ensures success, regardless of the scale of the project. Trust us to expertly
navigate every step of the way, delivering results that exceed expectations.

The following graphic outlines the various points at which Black Iron Energy can engage
in the lifecycle of equipment and material management.

The process begins with Data Capture, where technical field personnel conduct on-site
inspections to catalogue assets and material. Next, we Assess Value of the equipment
and material and determine the appropriate steps required to maximizing the return of
the assets. This is followed by Data Upload, where detailed listings are entered into
Black Iron’s online Marketplace. We then leverage targeted Marketing strategies to
actively promote these listings to prospective clients. Applications Support assists
customers with sizing equipment and inspecting potential purchases. During the
Successful Sale phase, Black Iron Energy facilitates the removal of equipment from
the site, handles logistics, and works with regulatory bodies for the transfer of
ownership. Black Iron provides Onsite Support and can take on prime contractor duties
for equipment removals and redeployment. Finally, Site Decommissioning is
completed after equipment is removed and material is recovered, where all duties
related to surface decommissioning are executed.

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