Black Iron Energy is a company that redefines the concept of surplus by providing a range of services to its clients. We source equipment from various industries, evaluate its condition and quality, and resell it at competitive prices. We help clients access equipment that is essential for their infrastructure projects, while saving them time and money.

With a focus on superb customer service, we tailor solutions to meet individual customer needs. We see things from your perspective and understand your goals. We are flexible, we listen, and we are committed to helping you succeed.

Compression – Power Generation – Plants – Process – Gas Turbines – Miscellaneous

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Benefits of Choosing Black Iron Energy


Innovative Solutions and Comprehensive Technical Support

Our technical support begins by defining your project scope and understanding your requirements. We then quickly source the ideal equipment, utilizing OEM performance & sizing software, as well as in-house programs, to ensure it meets your design criteria. Our skilled design team can provide AutoCAD drawings as needed, and our dedicated project team guarantees on-time and on-budget delivery, ensuring a seamless and efficient process from start to finish.


Maximize Value with Our Consignment Services

In the dynamic energy sectors of oil production, natural gas processing, refining, and mining, handling surplus assets is challenging when replacing equipment, expanding operations, canceling projects, or shutting down operations. Traditional methods yield minimal returns. Black Iron Energy connects your pre-owned assets with new users, offering shorter lead times and cost savings compared to buying new equipment.


Boost Sustainability with Surplus Equipment

Retiring, repurposing, or reselling equipment reduces energy and resource consumption, curbs carbon emissions, and promotes responsible practices. Sustainable energy production, supported by use of existing surplus equipment, benefits local communities and mitigates environmental impacts. It builds trust with stakeholders, supports global sustainability, safeguards resources, and promotes eco-friendly living. Sustainable energy is essential for our planet’s future. Let Black Iron Energy help you achieve this.

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